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Healthy People. Healthy Workplace. Healthy Business.


So how do you create that extraordinary workplace that you can be proud of? How do you take a culture at work from toxic to thriving; from unsafe to safe (both mentally and physically); from just a place to work to a great place to work; from a pay check to a passion? Although undoubtedly these can help, you do need more than a few perks, programs or employee discounts. Employee wellbeing is a big risk to your people and your organization and you can no longer ignore the impact work factors have on employee and organizational performance- and ultimately the bottom line. The best leaders know this intuitively, but how do you actually do it so it really sticks? 

 I can help.

As President of Inside Health and Business Consulting I help leaders create a culture at work that translates into total well-being and high performance for themselves, their team and their business. The key is to understand the connection between health, mindset and performance.

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25 Years Of Experience

I speak and consult with the core belief that healthy, vibrant and engaged people are the key to business success and our community economic and social growth. This all starts with self aware, authentic and compassionate leadership. I deliver powerful evidence-based insights that move you with confidence to take effective and appropriate action. Identifying and understanding your own values and those of your workforce is fundamental to a triple bottom line approach to business (people, planet, profits).

Inspiring Change

I help people create change that matters- in themselves, their team and their organization. If you are looking to get clear about your passions and purpose in your business, your career or your life, I will coach you to exceed even your own expectations.

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In todays high pressure, fast-paced and competitive business world it is critically important to the success of an organization that a culture of physical and psychological safety and well-being of employees be a top priority. Visionary leaders recognize that their most precious resource, their people, need to thrive both personally and professionally in order for their business to succeed. Productivity, innovation, creativity and engagement are not possible otherwise. It is the bottom line.

Inside Health and Business Consulting was founded in 2005 to address the growing demand for business strategies, programs and training that maximize and support employee health, safety, well-being and engagement and transfer that to job performance and bottom line business success.

The mission of IHBC is to help leaders inspire a more positive and productive work culture that translates into total well-being for themselves, their team and their organization.



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