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As a former Chief Executive Officer I clearly understand that the bottom-line strength of a business is directly related to the health, well-being and engagement of its people and the mindfulness of its leader. I work with leaders and their teams to integrate a ‘healthy business’ approach within their workplace culture and to respectfully and intuitively lead themselves and their workplaces from the inside out.

I am an optimistic and curious professional who believes it is important to leave things better than I found them. I am very clear on my core values and strengths as a person and a leader: self-awareness, resilience, creativity, respect, integrity, teamwork and FUN (that’s a big one).

I prioritize my own well-being and quality of life by balancing work and play and always looking for an opportunity to integrate both.

I am an avid sports enthusiast who loves the outdoors. At any time you might find me with my life partner Eric, under the stars and enjoying among other things, back-country canoe camping, sailing, running, pilates, yoga, meditation, cooking, gardening, learning something new or loving the arts. My heart races when I spot a good fixer-upper!

I am amazed and inspired by animals (especially my dog Mira-my VP of Fun), nature, thoughtful design and kindness. A great red wine is also appreciated.


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Inside Health and Business Consulting

Founded in 2005 to address the growing demand for evidence-based best practices that lead to healthy corporate cultures, business strategies, programs and training that address the challenges of the modern workplace. To maximize and support employee health, well-being, productivity and engagement and transfer that to job performance and bottom-line business success is the imperative.

The mission of IHBC is to help leaders inspire a more positive and productive work culture that translates into total well-being for themselves, their team and their organization.


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