Organizational Transformation

To create a healthy corporate culture at work you need a plan- a system for analysis, development, implementation and sustainability. By using your own data, we can help you identify and better understand what makes your workplace tick, your priority challenges and your opportunities- the right things to do, at the right time. Actionable, evidence-based next steps help you to confidently support and maximize your efforts.

Personal Transformation

Programs to maximize employee leadership skills, self-awareness, personal health and resilience are key investments in your organization. These investments produce returns fully competitive with investments in new computer systems or training programs and, without which, the returns on those other investments cannot be fully realized. I will be your coach- to challenge your assumptions and provide a critical unbiased perspective to help you work smarter and more effectively.

Psychological Health and Safety Strategy

As a Canadian Mental Health Association Psychological Safety Advisor I can be your expert guide to the new National Standard for Workplace Psychological Health and Safety and work with you and your team to promote, implement and sustain a healthy and safe workplace.

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Workshops, Retreats & Keynotes    

Our workshops provide evidence-based information and best practices that will help you identify your priority opportunities. Working with your own data, we can quickly move to action with common language and a clear roadmap.

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Improve employee health, well-being and resilience

Lower health benefit, disability and worker compensation costs

Enhance leadership and employee self-awareness and mindfulness

Develop high performance teams

Improve morale and engagement

Increase new employee attraction and retention

Increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

Improve business excellence leading to high performance


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